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Lately, it seems that the only time I ever come to deviantART is to complain. But where else would I go to complain? Where else has such a great complaints forum? You angry group of people are awwwright. 

Today, I'm sick of "how many likes for" types of post. You know the one. It's a picture of a cute kid downloaded from some random person's Facebook with the clickbait-y caption "She thinks she's ugly. How many likes? Like = beautiful, share = brave, comment = inspiration, ignore = you are a pedophile and like to set fire to orphanages"

The other sort is the "I told my children this post can get to [country] before they can spread a rumour at school. SHARE TO HELP!!!". Let me go through a few obvious things:

:bulletred: A post is literally two clicks away from being in the destination country, so of course you're going to win that bet. It's like betting that you can beat someone to the supermarket first, then starting the race while you're already parked in the carpark. If you wanted to teach your children a lesson, there's a lot of hard-hitting videos out there that can do that. Scribbling on some paper and posting it to Facebook only makes you seem shallow and all about the shares rather than the lesson.

:bulletred: On the subject of scribbling on paper and taking photos, don't. That shit can go wrong

:bulletred: We've been through this before, Facebook likes don't save lives. 

:bulletred: As far as I know, you can't "run analytics" on a Facebook post to determine the first person to post it to a country, nor the total amount of likes a post has, including reshares to private walls and such. Any attempts to determine an outcome based on shares or likes for these kinds of things is stupid. 

:bulletred: If you're using likes to make your not-imaginary-and-certainly-not-downloaded child feel better, I hope those who are bullying the kid know the raw and unfathomable powwwwah of Facebook interactions, otherwise that kid is going to be bullied further, and cries of "but Facebook thinks I'm pretty" will be met with laughter or indifference. 

:bulletred: I hate the way Facebook just shows that you liked or commented on something. If I commented and said "this photo is fucking stupid", then Facebook just shows that I commented, and apparently, comment = inspiration so even though I wanted OP to burn in hell, that doesn't matter because I thought they were inspirational. 

Anyway, if you're thinking of posting a photo of a sick kid with 'type amen. 1 like = 1 prayer' plastered over the top just knock it off, okay? Put your efforts towards something else, like donating time and / or money to a worthy cause.
I was browsing a "top 50" site just now, and went to middle click on a link to open it in a new tab. Instead of opening a new background tab, I was taken to that page. That irks me, as I like to middle click on lots of links, then go through them after I'm done reading the main one.

And one of the tabs I went to (a photography blog) had slowed down the scroll rate AND disabled the middle-click-to-scroll. I use the middle-click to quickly scan through sets of images or find something in the article I'm reading.

And today, I came across a website that featured one of those "video overlays" (where a person, usually the CEO or a female speaker, appears and welcomes you to the site). The difference between that and all the other "video overlays" was that you couldn't get rid of it (no close button), and it stood right in the middle of the screen, so a portion of the content was blocked by this Italian bloke. The irony was, it was for a web design company.

People have certain expectations when browsing the internet. And if something works on a vast majority of the sites you visit, you'd expect it to work on all of them, and to to have it otherwise is like reversing the gas and brake pedals on a car. Sure you'd learn to deal with it, but it's a poor design choice. 
Freaky Detail - PS Action CS5 by Grayda
Freaky Detail - PS Action CS5
(Fullview to see the finer details)

Today I discovered a Photoshop technique that is oddly (but aptly) called "Freaky Detail". The technique brings out additional detail in your photos by using the vivid light blend mode, an inverted image and crafty use of the surface blur filter. It works best on images such as water or seascapes, but can also work on people, landscapes and even animals.

In the image above (which is a JPEG downloaded from applying the filter brings out more detail in the petals. A similar result can be obtained using the Clarity slider when loading a RAW file, but this gives the image a bit of extra "oomph"

This action is free for you to use. If you wish to distribute it on your site, please contact me first. I'll say yes, but I just want to know where this has ended up.

And if you want to show your support, you can always buy some of my stock images at iStockPhoto ([link]), or buy one of my Concrete5 themes ([link]) or just straight out donate via PayPal (grayda [at] solidinc [dot] org). Thank you!

Made with Adobe Photoshop CS5 but should be backwards compatible. Photo from [link]
Saw today that a Google self driving car was involved in an accident. Another car rear-ended the Google car, causing some minor injuries to the people involved.

The headlines of various online news outlets made you think that Google's car caused YET ANOTHER car crash (with the eye roll people do when you try and convince them of something that is firmly against their beliefs).

Ignoring that out of the 14 crashes, 1 was Google's fault (and the car was being driven manually, apparently), these things have clocked up over 1 million kilometers (700,000 miles) without a crash. That's safer than most people on the road these days.

What really bugs me, is that people are going to subconsciously believe that self driving cars (Google or otherwise) are extremely dangerous and that they shouldn't pass laws that allow such cars on the road, and push the introduction of this back many years.

A year or two ago I watched a demo video where they put a blind man in the drivers seat and took him to get Taco Bell or something. The guy hadn't traveled anywhere unassisted for years, and here he was, cruising through Taco Bell, ordering a burrito like Jesus had socked him in the face and he could see again.

In places like the middle-of-goddamn-nowhere US, where there are no taxi, bus or train services, you either have someone cart you around, or you stay at home and do nothing. If you need to get to a doctor's appointment, who's gonna drive you? Jesus? By his own admission, he can't drive! 

I guess I was bugged by the sensationalist headlines such as:

Google self-driving car involved in first injury accident
Google's Self-driving Car Gets Into Another Crash
Google's self-driving cars crash 'surprisingly often,'

But also cheesed because my mother in law is legally blind, my parents are getting on in years and I've volunteered for Meals on Wheels, where some of these people need a day out to go with their hot meal, and if people keep pushing against self driving cars (including the FBI, who warn that they could be turned into lethal weapons by hackers), who is going to cart your parents to a doctor's appointment when you live 9 hours away and they have no bus or taxi services?

It's certainly not Jesus, I can tell you that
I don't quite understand some of the comments people leave on posts around the internet. I'm not talking about the trolls, the political people ("thanks Obama!"), the people whose first language isn't English or anything else like that, it's people who leave confusing, one or two word comments that you can't comprehend why they even wrote that.

Example: "The Simpsons" posted a photo in celebration of national sibling day (haha, suck it, only children!). Someone left a comment, "The Simpsons". That's it. "The Simpsons", on a post by The Simpsons, about The Simpsons. Wut? Turns out, this guy goes around posting "The Simpsons" on all posts by The Simpsons. Even moar wut?

Another example: The Onion posted an article about California's Seaworld doing its bit for the drought by draining the tanks half way. Asides from the usual people who thought it was real, the people trying to tell the others it's not real, and the wisearses like myself, there was this gem of a comment:


Good catch there, buddy.

Now, I'm sure they have their reasons. Perhaps they're practicing their english by translating the phrase from their native language, or typing on a foreign keyboard and want to show that they can do it, despite their keyboard inherently lacking the right letters, but I like to think it's a guy sitting at his keyboard, smug grin on his face, arm confidently around a super uncomfortable girl who's clearly not interested in him, saying "Yeah baby, I know TENS of English words. Watch me type another.

It's that time of year where I submit a journal. So, this is it. Hi!



D. Gray
Artist | Professional | Photography
I am David Gray. Photographer, website designer and graphic artist. I also like consuming lighbulbs.

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