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There isn't a whole lot I can critique on this piece, as technically, it's stunning. Black and white works really well and you can see ...

Moda Layout by EnzuDes1gn

This critique stems from the fact that my eyesight isn't perfect so this will be why I will see things differently from others. Overall...

Sentinal wip - Update April 14 by EnzuDes1gn

This looks really good, and has that "enzudesign" feel which has become your identity. The battery charging screen looks really good (a...

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This is a simply fantastic piece! I get the feeling that, even though the street is nearly empty, it is alive and kicking with hundreds...



Why can't you be like other video players?

I go to YouTube and watch some videos, and they remember what volume I set the previous video to, because they make that volume the default on the next video I watch.

Then I go to Vimeo and watch a video. I set the volume, go to the next video (or even a Vimeo video embedded on a website) and hey presto, there's my volume setting.

Then I head over to dailymotion for some reason, and oh, what's this? My volume settings are remembered too. How 'bout that?

Now I head back to your site and visit a page I've liked. I check out the latest video submissions and notice something..

Every single time, you set my volume back to 100%. Every time. The range of videos go from quiet traffic, to roaring wind and a truck hurtling down the freeway doing 100km/h, and I have to constantly lean over and readjust the volume on my speakers, not knowing if the next video is going to melt my face clean off or not.

You've been around longer than YouTube, and yet you still can't get video right. I don't know when you first started showing videos, but I think longer than 5 years, so you think you'd know better, yeah?
I'm writing a mobile app, plus a web app that is a "lite" version of the mobile app. Both use AngularJS as their framework, and I have to say, I FUCKIN' LOVE ANGULARJS.

When the time came to make the web version, I literally copied and pasted a good 75% of the code, straight out of the mobile version, into the web version. Five minutes of cleanup later, and the basics of my site are ready to go. Just need to slap in the HTML for presenting data and set up routing, and the site is basically done.

If you're familiar with Javascript at all, do yourself a favour and check out Angular. It takes a little bit to learn, but in 15 lines of code I can download data from my API, shove it into a variable, display it on the page and wire up a button to refresh that data.…
I'm looking to buy an old iPhone 4s (or higher) to test out an app I'm writing, so I jump on eBay and have a look around.

A fair chunk of the phones go for over $100 AUD, regardless of state. I understand there'd be a rather big "for parts" market out there, but what strikes me as amusing, are the descriptions.

One person said that the Wi-Fi was busted and that the phone couldn't make or receive phone calls, but was otherwise fine, another said it the screen was cracked but otherwise fine (the glass had cracked and they'd just idly pulled out shards while bored), yet another said "minor crack in the glass on the front", and the crack descended half way across the screen, and 1/4 of the way down. On an 4" phone, that's not minor!

So yeah I'm reminded of Reverend Lovejoy, advertising the card table

EDIT: Not to mention when you browse eBay listings, literally 95% of the listing is taken up by what feels like an Apple advertisement, listing the specs, showing a video (which is a promotional video, and not an indicator of the currently listed phone), plus a rating system at the end with people giving reviews for iPhones in general, not that specific iPhone or seller. So you have to scroll through a ton of crap just to find that the seller either hasn't included a description, or the description is just "chip in corner" and nothing else.
Let me be absolutely clear here: If you're a company that buys domain names (.com, .net, dot-whatever) and puts one of those "What you need, when you need it" parking pages and never ever use the domain name for anything worthwhile, you are scum.

I've been on the hunt for a domain name for a website / hardware project I'm working on. Every domain that I have tried has been registered and is one of those "this domain is for sale" sites, where bids start at $10,000 AUD (I'm not kidding).

If you're someone trying to start a business with almost zero funds, it's almost impossible to get a DECENT domain name because some fuckstick of a company has purchased the domain for $9.99 and is now selling it for 1001% profit. And I'm not talking about things like "" or whatever, even longer and more obscure domains have been snapped up.

I think domains should be like patents. Either do something worthwhile with the fucking thing, or have it taken off you. 
It's that time of year where I submit a journal. So, this is it. Hi!



D. Gray
Artist | Professional | Photography
I am David Gray. Photographer, website designer and graphic artist. I also like consuming lighbulbs.

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