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There isn't a whole lot I can critique on this piece, as technically, it's stunning. Black and white works really well and you can see ...

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I was drawn to this piece the very second I saw it on deviantART's "browse" page. The lights in the window look very inviting and the y...

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This critique stems from the fact that my eyesight isn't perfect so this will be why I will see things differently from others. Overall...

Sentinal wip - Update April 14 by EnzuDes1gn

This looks really good, and has that "enzudesign" feel which has become your identity. The battery charging screen looks really good (a...



This is based on my experiences as a Kickstarter backer for 6 projects and all of the following are true stories that I have personally witnessed:

:bulletred: At least once a month, claim that the company has run out of funds and is going broke, and that nobody will receive their rewards. Even if people have already received their rewards, continue claiming the company is broke. Point to your own prior comments as proof. 

:bulletred: Ask for updates constantly, but never read them, or cherry pick information from them. Ask when the next update is going to come out, even though it said in the last update when the next update was due 

:bulletred: Always read between the lines where a statement is literal, and take it literally when a statement is figurative. Extrapolate all the time. "We have had delays in the shipping of parts due to Chinese New Year" means "we're run off with your money" whereas "in the coming weeks" always means next week. "We have manufactured the first 100 as a trial" means that it'll be ramped up to 10,000 next week.

:bulletred: Ignore instructions, then complain when something bad happens

:bulletred: Clearly you know better than the project creators, having "worked in the biz" for many years, so feel free to educate project creators on the right and wrong ways to run a Kickstarter

And yes I know, "that's what you get when you back on Kickstarter", but I see these people so often, it drives me mad. Especially the guy who basically pulled a Ned Flanders Sr. ("We've tried nothing man, and we're all out of ideas!") when asked many times for photos, but refused to, then complained when nothing got done about his problem.

And sorry if all my links are to the Buccaneer - this project is the one where they're most rife. They're in other projects too, but just not as obvious.
So I've never seen Die Hard (I know, right?) and am just watching it now. Die Hard was on the roof, but he's since got down and is now in the air ducts. This movie seems to be more about the terrorists than Die Hard himself. 

It's got Alan Rickman in it, who I'm convinced, plays Snape in every movie, but to varying degrees. He's got that cocky, Snapey attitude that we all know and love.

No word on whether or not he or Die Hard knows Mad Max, but I'm guessing that's explained in the sequel, Die Hard 2: Die Even More Harderer
1) Ask a question, such as "How do I fix this error in Product X"?
2) Have three people jump in and question why you're even using Product X, when Product Y is SO much better
3) Tell them the reason (not that it matters) and ask again for help
4) Be ignored
5) Wait 3 years, then have the thread dredged up with "me too" posts by users who signed up just to ask the same question
6) Have a mod close the thread due to age.

Happens every time. When you ask a question, you're looking for an answer, not an opinion. If I'm writing an application and want to use Feature X, I expect help with adding Feature X, with perhaps a suggestion to try out Feature Y instead.

What I don't want, is people telling me I'm a moron for even using Feature X in the first place, then running off. I don't answer "where are my car keys?" with "Why do you even need your keys?"

If you can't forums good, then don't even internet in the first place!
I'm looking at buying a new car very soon and have been reading reviews of cars online. Half of the users I come across love to badmouth the car, but don't say why:

:bulletred: "1 star crap car dont buy"
:bulletred: "Literally the worst car I have ever driven"
:bulletred: "Malibu? More like MaliPOO. This car stinks!"

If you're going to complain about a product, at least have the decency to say why. Otherwise you're the jerk at a restaurant:

"How was your meal, sir?"
"Terrible. I hated it"
"Sorry to hear sir, what was wrong with it?"
"The fact that I've said it was terrible should be enough information for you"
People need to learn to build and number things correctly.

I'm trying to find out if the graphics card on my home PC has HDMI or not. I'm at work and I can't physically check, so I remotely access my PC and look at device manager.

It tells me I have an AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series card. Not a specific number, just "6700 series". I punch that into Google Images and get a ton of different pictures, many with HDMI, but many angled so I can't see properly.

I go into Catalyst Control Center and look. It tells me the same thing, but gives me a device ID. I look up that device ID on Google and what do I get?

Google tells me this is actually a 5700 series, not a 6700 series. According to my Dell papers, it's actually a 6770, so I Google THAT and get at least 5 different sorts of photos, all with the label Radeon HD 6770. So I'm no closer to knowing.

To add to the confusion, the AMD Radeon HD 6770 was released in April 2011. The Radeon HD 6850 which has a higher model number was released in 2010 and the Radeon HD 6350 which has a lower number than both, was released almost two weeks BEFORE the HD 6770. And to make matters worse, sometimes they slap some new features on an existing card and release it as a new card with a new number.

They should just call them Radeon 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. and if they slap new features in an old card, call it the "Special Edition" (like Windows 98 SE) or at least make it clear that it's and old dog with new tricks.

I. Really. Hate. Hardware.
It's that time of year where I submit a journal. So, this is it. Hi!



D. Gray
Artist | Professional | Photography
I am David Gray. Photographer, website designer and graphic artist. I also like consuming lighbulbs.

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